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Welcome to the IfcOpenShell Web Viewer or “ifc-pipeline”, made by AECgeeks, hereinafter referred to as: “Viewer”. When you continue to use this Viewer, you agree to comply and be bound by our Terms of Use. The application logic of this Viewer is available under an open source license at https://github.com/AECgeeks/ifc-pipeline

This Viewer is offered to you by AECgeeks. Your access and use of this Viewer are subject to these terms of use set out below. By using this Viewer, you explicitly accept these terms of use. If you don’t agree with all the conditions, you cannot use this Viewer.

AECgeeks can amend these conditions at any time and reserves the right to stop and/or change this Viewer or its Content at any time, without prior written notice. In case of changes in these conditions, the new version shall become effective after publication. If you continue to use this Viewer after the publication of the changed conditions, you will be deemed to have accepted the amended condition. AECgeeks recommends that you consult these terms for use regularly.

This Viewer is developed with the utmost care. AECgeeks does everything in its power to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this Viewer and the visualized models, though we cannot provide any statement or warranties in general nor any statements or warranties regarding the operations, timeliness, safety or absence of errors of this Viewer. We also do not warrant the correctness, completeness, accuracy or reliability of results that may be obtained through the use of this Viewer (including the Content) or if the results meet your expectations.

This Viewer enables users to upload, store, share and receive building information models in the IFC file format. The user retains all rights in- and responsibility and liability for all Content. AECgeeks does not claim ownership of your Content, but will periodically inspect models for the sole purpose of assuring and improving the correct functioning of this system and its components and may report on usage and functioning of the system in aggregate form.